Bio-sketches for 2019 FHS election candidates

2018-2019 Committees

Below are all the committees for the FHS. Click on the link for each committee to read a brief update on what each is up to this year. The FHS Procedures Manual has now been posted as a reference for all FHS members. It’s function is to provide current and future FHS members with a reference document that specifies the functions and duties of all offices, committees and other workings of the Section

Executive Committee (elected) (Voting)

The ExCom is composed of voting members elected by the FHS and the non-voting chairs of all FHS committees. The ExCom determines section policy, chooses the winner of the Snieszko award, conducts business consistent with objectives of the Section, and authorizes all expenditures of section funds.

List of Past Fish Health Section Presidents 

Journal of Aquatic Animal Health

Standing Committees

Archives (appointed)

Awards (appointed)

Continuing Education (appointed)

Nominating and Balloting Committee (elected)

Professional Standards Committee (elected)

Policy/Position Development Committee (elected)

Technical Standards Committee (elected)

Ad Hoc Committees

Inspection Manual Committee 2018-2019



  • Devin Chappell, Chair
  • Ryan Katona, Past Chair  608.783.8446
  • Gavin Glenny
  • Joel Bader (USFWS National Fish Health Coordinator) 703.358.2019



  • Janet Whaley

International Meeting Oversight Committee

Section Communications Committee

Recruitment and Student Involvement Committee

Fish Health Laboratory QA/QC Committee