Partnership Travel Award – Always OPEN for Applications!

FITS is ALWAYS accepting applicants for the Section’s Partnership Travel Award! The Partnership Travel Award is provided up to twice annually (once/six-month period) to deserving FITS members who wish to represent the Section at another group’s meeting. The award is meant to encourage networking with others in fisheries and related sciences, to garner ideas on... Read More

Preventing Biofouling on Probes: An Example from Eureka

Bio fouling (or biological fouling) is the accumulation of microorganisms, plants, algae, or animals on wetted surfaces. Ajman Municipality, Environment Department, Natural Resources Conservation Section (ELARD), had installed six water quality monitoring stations using Eureka‘s technology. ELARD faced a myriad of problems to maintain and operate the water quality monitoring stations due to the extensive... Read More

Recent Hydroacoustic Highlights from Echoview

Here are some cool studies highlighted recently by Echoview: A pilot study on the application of environmental DNA to the estimation of the biomass of dominant species in the northwestern waters of Jeju Island A pilot study on estimating the biomass of chub mackerel and jack mackerel in the northwestern sea of Jeju Island using... Read More