**VOLUNTEERS NEEDED** Subject experts are needed to assist on several efforts. If interested please contact a FITS officer. These efforts are: Regulatory changes to the U.S. National Environmental Policy Act have been proposed that will have significant impacts to fisheries. We need NEPA experts to help review the proposed changes to identify concerns and provide information... Read More

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes January 2020

AFS Fisheries Information and Technology Section Executive Committee Meeting Minutes January 10, 2020 Attendees: Dan, Kayla, Tiffany, Paul Discuss business meeting feedback Table discussion on meeting feedback for next meeting Please read over before next meeting AFS 2020 updates Big Data symposium (speakers, coordination, funding) (Dan) Reach out to AFS management section for help with... Read More

Fisheries IT position

The Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council is recruiting for a person to handle their IT infrastructure. The attached job description doesn’t highlight it well, but an individual with the outlined IT skills who also has a background and/or experience in fisheries data analysis would have a significant competitive advantage. Read More

Big Data Symposium

Greetings FITS members: Are you a manager or researcher that uses large data sets? The FITS ex-comm is putting together a symposium for AFS 2020 in Columbus entitled: “Challenges and Opportunities of Using Big Data to Address Fisheries Management Issues.” We would like you to contribute! Here is a description of our symposium: Advancing technologies... Read More

Plan Ahead for Easy Meeting Scheduling!

Did you know there will not be a printed scheduled for AFS Reno? Plan your meeting early by taking the following steps: Download the meeting app to your smartphone. Click here for Google Play or here for Apple. Set up multi-device sync on the app (see instructions below). Visit and use the same credentials... Read More

Add a Workshop to Your Schedule!

FITS is proud to bring you the course Database Concepts, Designs, and Application in Wildlife and Fisheries Science, a relevant topic whether you are just starting out or have worked for a long time in the struggle to manage data well. We also encourage you to check out these great workshops and sign up if... Read More

What’s a Tech Talk?

A Tech Talk  is a fresh new way to check out solutions without the pressure that may come from walking through the trade show. FITS has worked closely with AFS Bethesda to identify a few vendors who wanted to share a really cool solution or product with you in a different way.  If you have any... Read More