Committees and Working Groups

Committees provide an opportunity for any Section member to get involved! Volunteer to help out today by contacting us!

Formal Committees and Representation

FITS Outreach and Communications Committee

This committee works to share information with the Section, Society, and the public by managing the website, newsletters and social media of the Section.

Sarah Grasty, Chair

Electronic Services Advisory Board Representative

Rebecca Krogman, Section Representative

The ELECTRONIC SERVICES ADVISORY BOARD provides oversight and coordination for electronic membership services, including those pertaining to AFS communications, publications, meetings, unit functions, and the content and structure of the AFS website. Its goal is to maintain high standards of technical content and presentation, ease and continuity of membership access, and review of new electronic tools for membership services according to policies set forth in the current Strategic Plan of the Society.

AFS Resource Policy Committee Representative

Jodi Whittier, Section Representative

AFS Communications Committee

Julie Defilippi Simpson, Section Representative

The COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE functions as an internal advisory group to facilitate development and implementation of consistent strategies, tools, and practices that guide the conduct of communication from the Society, units (chapters, sections, and divisions), and subunits. The focus of the committee will be the development and maintenance of the AFS Communications Strategic Plan and provision of assessment and recommendations on communication approaches. Helping protect the integrity of the Society’s image or brand will be an outcome of this process. Separate from the committee and headquarters staff, the AFS Science Communication Section will manage science communication expertise as a service to individual members or member groups.

Informal Committees and Working Groups

Center for Fisheries Technology and Collaboration Committee

This committee works to establish an environment both at the Annual Meeting and online where scientists can find tech solutions they are looking for, learn more about their options, and establish contact with providers of that solution.

Rebecca Krogman

Fisheries Data Exchange Working Group

Rebecca Krogman

Julie Defilippi Simpson

Conference Planning Committee

This committee focuses on planning special topics revolving around fisheries technology applications for presentation in a meeting symposium, coordination of related workshops, and recruitment of authors for special issue publications.

AFS 2020: Big Data research challenges and applications

Daniel Weaver, Paul Venturelli

AFS 2021?