Become a Vendor

Connect with relevant customers by becoming a CFTC Partner!

The AFS Center for Fisheries Technology and Collaboration (CFTC) is a virtual stage for vendors of fisheries and aquatic science equipment, technology, and related products to showcase their offerings directly to relevant customers.

The CFTC was launched in 2020 to showcase partner offerings directly to members of the American Fisheries Society. We wish to continue growing this service to that it becomes the first choice for fisheries professionals, students, and educators to find solutions to their research and management needs. We invite you to participate as a partner vendor in the CFTC!

The Center is very similar to an online store, with product and category search capabilities, side-by-side product comparisons, and moderated reviews.  This interface is available throughout the year, which will increase your visibility and connection with potential customers on an ongoing basis. FITS is also working to better include vendors by not only listing your product(s), but also enabling you to respond directly to posted questions and reviews. We hope to make this a useful marketing tool for you while providing a helpful service to AFS members. Because we want it to be as useful for our partners as it is for fisheries users, we offer the first year of listing for FREE. This includes up to FIVE unique product listings.

After the first year of free listing, the following fee schedule will apply:

Number of Products Listed Vendor Category Annual Fee Cost/Product
Unlimited Nonprofit organization, freeware/shareware $0.00 $0.00
1 Commercial $50.00 $50.00
5 Commercial $150.00 $30.00
10 Commercial $250.00 $25.00
20 Commercial $400.00 (best value) $20.00

Again, we prioritize our partners and want to ensure you gain from being a member of the CFTC. We track page visits and click-throughs, and if we do not detect gain for our partners, we will also waive fees at our discretion. Annual fees expire immediately prior the the AFS Annual Meeting each year; this meeting is typically held in August/September.

How to Join

Simply submit your product listings through our online form. Up to five individual products or packaged products may be listed for free during the first year. Your listings will be added by a member of the CFTC Committee, and you will have a chance to review and approve. You may also update them at any time by contacting us through the Contact Us form.

*Please note we will not accept a broad category of products, especially as you convert to a paying member. This is to ensure the fee schedule is fairly applied to all of our partners.*