Center for Fisheries Technology

What is BioBase?

If you’re not familiar with our Center for Fisheries Technology partner BioBase, they provide satellite and sonar imagery tech and analysis for habitat mapping. BioBase is composed of two different products, EcoSound and EcoSat. Ecosat processes satellite imagery to create shallow vegetation and benthic habitat maps. While, EcoSound uses off-the-shelf sonar technology and automatic cloud... Read More

Echoview 13 Beta Available for Testing

Echoview Software has released its next update for beta testing: Echoview 13. Some of the new features and functions including: better performance and user experience additional automation capabilities enhanced operators and dataflow tools improved algorithms and exports support for multiple new hardware file formats implementation of the latest technologies available and more! Learn more here:... Read More

Smithsonian Gets Mitogenome Analyses from Jonah Ventures

Jonah Ventures is assisting the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History to assemble and annotate >700 fish mitogenomes. Mitogenomes (and high copy nuclear sequences) are sequenced with genome skimming (shallow sequencing to capture repeated genetic elements) from voucher collections. Jonah is developing computational pipelines to better automate processes and publicly archiving results. Here is a circos... Read More

Hydroacoustic Science Postdoc and PhD Positions Closing August 1

Postdoctoral Associate with Cornell University, Great Lakes Fisheries Acoustics Applications close on 1 August Cornell University has a position opening for a postdoctoral associate working with a team of scientists at Cornell University and the USGS Great Lakes Science Center to advance acoustic survey approaches and investigate spatial ecology of fish and invertebrates in Laurentian Great Lakes. This... Read More

Open-Access: Data Prep Strategies for Echosounder Data for Machine Learning

An open-access paper was just published in Fisheries Research entitled “Evaluation of echosounder data preparation strategies for modern machine learning models,” by A. Ordonez and colleagues (abstract below). Check it out online:  Thanks to our CFT partner Echoview for the share! Check out their products here. By the way, Echoview also just announced new... Read More

Surface Temperature Mapping in BioBase

Did you know BioBase can also pull water temperature? Today’s your lucky day, because they have a simple tutorial on how to do so. Check it out here: BioBase is part of the Center for Fisheries Technology. Check out their products today! Read More

Eureka Mantas in the Allegheny River system

In order to provide continuous water-quality information for watersheds in the Allegheny River Basin, the Evergreen Conservancy collaborated with the Indiana County Emergency Management Agency in Indiana, Pennsylvania to install and maintain a Eureka Manta cellular telemetry water monitoring system in Indiana County. The telemetry systems are located at five sites to alert staff in... Read More

Preventing Biofouling on Probes: An Example from Eureka

Bio fouling (or biological fouling) is the accumulation of microorganisms, plants, algae, or animals on wetted surfaces. Ajman Municipality, Environment Department, Natural Resources Conservation Section (ELARD), had installed six water quality monitoring stations using Eureka‘s technology. ELARD faced a myriad of problems to maintain and operate the water quality monitoring stations due to the extensive... Read More

Recent Hydroacoustic Highlights from Echoview

Here are some cool studies highlighted recently by Echoview: A pilot study on the application of environmental DNA to the estimation of the biomass of dominant species in the northwestern waters of Jeju Island A pilot study on estimating the biomass of chub mackerel and jack mackerel in the northwestern sea of Jeju Island using... Read More

BioBase Now Offers Single Waterbody Subscription

BioBase now offers a single waterbody subscription, it includes unlimited uploads to a single waterbody for 30 days and up to 10GB of storage for $399. This feature now allows occasional, project-based users the ability to purchase a short-term full-featured plan on one waterbody without the commitment to a full unlimited subscription. You can purchase... Read More