Loligo® Aquatic Respirometry System

Our aquatic respirometry systems offer everything needed for oxygen consumption rate measurements, device control, data acquisition, analysis, and regulation of water quality. Loligo® Systems are the only commercial source for fully automated computerized intermittent respirometry systems.

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We offer respirometry systems for fully automated oxygen consumption rate measurements in aquatic organisms. Our systems are easy to set up and use and can be controlled wirelessly from a single Windows PC. User-friendly Loligo® software makes data acquisition and data analysis a breeze. The systems further integrate seamlessly with our water quality systems for automated water quality monitoring and control.

High throughput. Our respirometry systems can be used with a large variety of aquatic species and can handle sizes from embryos and larvae to juvenile and adult organisms. We offer setups for single chambers, but most scientists prefer a multi-channel system for high-throughput measurements.

Resting respirometry. Perform fully automated resting respirometry in our resting respirometry chambers. Each system utilizes the principles of intermittent respirometry for stable oxygen consumption measurements in one or multiple chambers over hours-days-weeks. Everything from data acquisition, experiment parameters and water quality can be monitored and controlled remotely via our AutoResp® software which minimizes disturbance of the test animals and keeps your valuable electronics away from hazardous environments present in a typical marine laboratory. We offer several sizes of chambers which can accommodate most juvenile and adult individuals of medium-large sized animals.

Swimming respirometry. Perform fully automated swimming respirometry in a wide variety of aquatic animals with one of our swim tunnels. Visit our website or see Swim Tunnels under Lab Equipment for more information.

Microplate respirometry. A microplate respirometer enables you to measure resting respirometry in tiny organisms like zebrafish embryos, Daphnia or invertebrate larvae. Visit our website or see Microplate Respirometry Systems under Lab Equipment for more information.

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