Loligo® Shuttle/Choice System

We offer automated systems for preference/avoidance measurements in aquatic invertebrates or fish. The systems include everything needed for video behavior analysis, data acquisition and digital control of experimental devices and water quality control.

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Our shuttle box systems are designed so that an animal can shuttle “freely” between two sub compartments. The water quality (temperature, oxygen, pH/CO2, or salinity) can be monitored and controlled in each compartment, and so this system is ideal for exposure, preference, avoidance, or choice experiments.

Many uses. We offer various sizes of shuttle tanks for larvae, juvenile and adult aquatic species.

User-friendly software. ShuttleSoft 3 is a fast real-time video tracking software designed specifically for the shuttle box system. Everything from data acquisition, video tracking, device control to experiment parameters can be controlled from within this easy-to-use software.

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