Loligo® Swim Tunnel

Loligo® swim tunnels have been developed and used for measuring the physiology, bioenergetics, behavior, biomechanics, or kinematics of swimming aquatic animals through many years of research and laboratory use. Applications also include studies of fluids, visualization of flow around objects, hydraulics, and public display of aquatic wildlife. The unique and compact design allows enough space for “free” swimming and an adequate volume for reliable oxygen consumption measurements.

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Swim tunnels from Loligo® Systems can be used to test aquatic animals in a controlled flow and environment. Each swim tunnel is designed to contain a swimming fish inside a test section large enough to allow for “free swimming”, while keeping the total water volume of the (closed) entire swim chamber small enough for reliable oxygen consumptions measurements. The swim chamber sits submerged in a surrounding water bath for temperature control purposes. The transparent material surrounding the test section provides a clear view of the swimming animal(s), e.g., for video filming from various angles.

Many purposes. We have various sizes of swim tunnels available, and we offer swim tunnels specifically for video filming, for swimming individuals or groups of zebrafish fry-juveniles (or similar) or with a built-in underwater treadmill. Our swim tunnels can effectively swim a large variety of aquatic animals from larvae to juvenile and adult. One example is the 170 mL swim tunnel which is an ideal for adult zebrafish. Another example is the 185 L swim tunnel which works great for adult Atlantic salmon or schools of smaller fish.

Oxygen consumption. The oxygen measurements can be done using our Witrox oxygen instrument. The Witrox works with fiber optic oxygen sensors (i.e., optodes), and transmit data via Bluetooth communication to your Windows PC for a wireless interface. The Witrox also includes a high precision temperature probe to allow for accurate real-time temperature compensation of oxygen values – a must in obtaining reliable oxygen consumption measurements.

User-friendly software. Whether you are measuring maximum metabolic rates, comparing Ucrit values or simply want to force swim your animals for behavior studies or measure oxygen content in the water, our user-friendly AutoResp® software for Windows will be a helpful tool in getting your swim tunnel data.

Easy setup. Setting up your swim tunnel is simple. Our step-by-step quick guides and instructional videos take you through each step to make sure that your swim tunnel is set up correctly. If you get stuck or have any questions, our friendly support staff is ready to assist you via email, phone or remote sessions.

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