Loligo® Microplate Respirometry System

Real-time measurements of individual respiration rates in tiny organisms like zebrafish embryos, Daphnia, Xenopus tadpoles, fish/invert eggs or larvae etc. The individual organisms are placed inside gas-tight glass chambers on a 24-well microplate footprint for oxygen consumption rate measurements based on fiber optic sensing technology. Daisy-chain multiple readers together for high throughput assays.

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Our microplate respirometry system allows for high throughput real-time oxygen consumption measurements in a wide variety of small aquatic organisms. The system includes a re-usable 24-well microplate made entirely from borosilicate glass, sealing accessories, and a plate reader with associated software. Each microplate well is fitted with a re-usable oxygen optode, i.e., a so-called sensor spot that can be re-calibrated and sterilized for multiple trials.

High throughput. The organisms are placed inside individual 80-1700 µl wells on the glass microplate. In other words, you can have oxygen consumption rate measurements for 24 individuals within minutes! If 24 organisms in one go is not enough, you can always daisy-chain up to nine add-on systems for a total of 240 wells.

Ambient temperature control. The glass microplate and microplate reader can be placed inside an incubator for temperature control of the water inside the wells. Alternatively, place the glass plate inside a water bath (see image). For immobile organisms, we offer a programmable shaker table to agitate the water in the wells.

User-friendly softwareMicroResp™ is an intuitive and easy-to-use Windows software that will automate microplate respirometry, analyze respiration data, and get the most out of your oxygen microplate reader.

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