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Free Workshop on Wideband Data Processing March 31

Echoview is offering a free half-day workshop on Simrad EK80 wideband data processing in Echoview on Friday, March 31, 2023. The workshop is open to anyone who can attend in-person at the ICES Fisheries and Plankton Acoustics Symposium in Portland, Maine. ICES (the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea) is hosting a four-day... Read More

ICES Symposium Registration Open

The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea Fisheries and Plankton Acoustics Symposium will be held on 27-30 March 2023 in Portland, Maine, USA. The theme is “From Echosounders to the Cloud: Transforming Acoustic Data to Information.” The 2023 Symposium marks the 50th anniversary since the first ICES sponsored Symposium on Fisheries Acoustics and... Read More

Echoview 13 Beta Available for Testing

Echoview Software has released its next update for beta testing: Echoview 13. Some of the new features and functions including: better performance and user experience additional automation capabilities enhanced operators and dataflow tools improved algorithms and exports support for multiple new hardware file formats implementation of the latest technologies available and more! Learn more here:... Read More

Hydroacoustic Science Postdoc and PhD Positions Closing August 1

Postdoctoral Associate with Cornell University, Great Lakes Fisheries Acoustics Applications close on 1 August Cornell University has a position opening for a postdoctoral associate working with a team of scientists at Cornell University and the USGS Great Lakes Science Center to advance acoustic survey approaches and investigate spatial ecology of fish and invertebrates in Laurentian Great Lakes. This... Read More

Open-Access: Data Prep Strategies for Echosounder Data for Machine Learning

An open-access paper was just published in Fisheries Research entitled “Evaluation of echosounder data preparation strategies for modern machine learning models,” by A. Ordonez and colleagues (abstract below). Check it out online: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0165783622001886?via%3Dihub  Thanks to our CFT partner Echoview for the share! Check out their products here. By the way, Echoview also just announced new... Read More