Data Collection Tools

Enumeration of Fish Using Drones

Drone technology is advancing quickly, and its usefulness in fisheries science being revealed in fascinating ways.  Enumeration of salmon escapement in rivers and lakes using drones and computer vision is one way, demonstrated below in a project in Fairbanks, Alaska.  For more information, contact:

Glenn Hollowell, Area Management Biologist,
Division of Commercial Fisheries,
Alaska Department of Fish and Game,
3298 Douglas Place, Homer, AK 99603
907/235-8191 (voice)
-2448 (facsimile)

Sunrise/Sunset Calculator


by: Dirk Miller, Wyoming Game and Fish Dept., Laramie, WY
version: ?
Date: March, 1992
Requires: none
Overall rating (10 point scale): 6.5
Printed Documentation included? No
Last Review: AFSCUS Newsletter, Spring 1992

SUNRISE calculates sunrise and sunset times anywhere in the world given a known latitude and longitude. The program is simple to run. Times, given in Greenwich Mean Time, can be calculated for any date from the year 1899 to 2099. A latitude-longitude data file in ASCII (text) format stores commonly used locations for and can be edited by the user.

Yatrafish Android Fish Data Entry

Collect georeferenced field data in a SQlite database, export as a CSV file.

This application collects georeferenced field data in a Sqlite database. Data is entered by selecting attributes from three dropdown boxes that are user editabl, then initiating a  count event to create a record.  An additional comments field is also available to store up to 512 characters to further describe that record. Counts are made by pressing graphical buttons on the display with defined values for fast data entry. An additional 10-key popup keypad is available for more precise counts if time permits. Total cumulative counts for the subset of dropdown fields selected are shown in the “Total Number Counted” field. An additional tracklog feature is available that records latitude, longitude, satellite time, device time, and altitude at user defined intervals. Collected data may be reviewed on the Data Table tab. Individual records selected on this tab are loaded into the Data Editt tab where values may be updated as needed.  The GPS Data tab shows current latitude, longitude, satellite time, satellites in view, satellites in use, as well as altitude, signal accuracy, and speed with all three in both metric and English units.

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Archived Software

PALM Fish Data Entry - Outdated

Download the PalmOS executables installed on a PalmOS emulator.  One application collects data from the user storing each session as a separate timestamp identified set of records on 7 tables.  The user can review and edit data entered in that session, but not in other sessions… this is controlled by a query which only allows those records with the current session’s timestamp to be shown and edited.  The executables for these applications can run on devices running either the Palm 3.5 or 4.x OS, currently there are two versions of the application, those for devices with barcode scanners, and executables for devices without scanners.

We’re currently moving to a Java base for our applications which will allow for the use of other devices w/out doing a major code rewrite for that specific processor or OS version.  Be sure to check out our Summer 2003 newsletter to read Glenn Hollowell’s article that describes the use of this Palm software:

Using an Electronic Collection System to Record Field Data
Glenn Hollowell, Alaska Department of Fish and Game