Best Professional Poster


Best: Sean Fitzgerald (FWC)- Passive Acoustic Monitoring of Artificial Reef Sites Reveals General Boat Traffic Patterns (but not Fishing Effort) in the Northwest Florida Gulf of Mexico

Honorable Mention: Nick Trippel (FWC)- Estimating Boat Electrofishing Catch Rates for Native and Non-Native Freshwater Fish Species in South Florida


Best: Natasha Viadero (Florida International University), J.A. Massie, R.O. Santos, and J.S. Rehage. Bass in the Coast: Patterns of Seasonal Habitat Use by Florida Largemouth Bass in the Upper Shark River, Everglades National Park.

Best: Kara Wall (FWC), S. Lowerre-Barbieri, J. Bickford, H. Menendez, and S. Walters-Burnsed. Red Snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) and Red Grouper (Epinephelus morio) movement in the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

Honorable Mention: Chris Anderson (FWC), T. Lange, D. Richard, G. DelPizzo, B. Fontaine, A. Bernhardt, T. Tuten and J. O’Connor. Satellites, Sondes, and Shallow Water Fishes: A Habitat Restoration Evaluation.


Best: Alexis Trotter (FWC), J. Ritch, J. Carroll, D. Westmark, K. Cook, and K. Rynerson. Analysis of reproductive hormones as an indicator of skipped reproduction in Common Snook Centropomus undecimalis.

Runner-up: Chelsea Crandall (UF), M. Monroe, S. Barry, J. Dutka-Gianelli, B. Fitzgerald, and K.Lorenzen. How to bait the hook: Understanding citizen scientists’ motivation to participate.


Best: Kirsten Ressel (University of Florida Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory), Q. Tuckett, J. Ritch, and J. Hill. The distribution of escaped Green Swordtail and Southern Platyfish varieties in proximity to ornamental aquaculture facilities.

Honorable Mention: Scott Bisping (FWC), T. Alfermann, and P. Strickland. Population Characteristics of Yellow Perch in Dead Lakes, Florida.


Best: Julie Vecchio (Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School). Researchers’ trash is an educator’s treasure: Field specimens as educational tools.


Best: Keith Mille (FWC/FWRI), J. Dodrill, R. Turpin, and W. Horn. Reef fish sampling, PCB analysis results and visual monitoring associated with the Oriskany Reef, a decommissioned former Navy aircraft carrier sunk in 2006 as an artificial reef in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico off Pensacola, FL

Runner-up: Trotta, K. A., A. Nardelli, S. Green, L. Akins and David Kerstetter (Nova Southeastern University). Socioeconomics of the Lionfish Derby Fishery


Best: Nicole Dunham (FWC/FWRI), and M. O’Keefe. Estimating Length-Weight Relationships for fishes in Florida Estuaries and Assessing Geographic Differences in Growth Conditions

Runners-up: Kevin Johnson (FWC/FWRI), J. Dotson, W. Pouder, N. Trippel, and R. Eisenhauer. Effects of Hurricane-Induced Hydrilla Reduction on the Largemouth Bass Fishery at Two Central Florida Lakes

Amanda Schworm (FWC/DFFM), Brandon Simcox (FWC/DFFM), C. Hartman, M. Call, P. Stevens, and D. Blewett. An Assessment of Fish Communities in Four Anthropogenically Impacted Peace River Tributaries


Best: Stafford, C., T.S. Switzer, Kerry Flaherty (FWC), R.E. Matheson, Jr., and R. Paperno. Geographic Variability in Seagrass-Associated Nekton Assemblages Determined by a Trawl Survey in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico

Chris Gardner (NOAA), D. DeVries, P. Raley, and J. Brusher. Relationships between reef characteristics and reef fish community structure and demographics in the NE Gulf of Mexico as revealed by video and side scan sonar data

Runner-up: Patrick Raley (NOAA), C. Gardner, H. Trowbridge, and D. DeVries. Distribution and characterization of hard bottom habitat in cross-shelf side scan transects in Apalachee Bay, Florida


Best: Doug DeVries (NOAA Fisheries Service), C. Gardner, J. Brusher, and G. Fitzhugh. Demographic and spatial patterns of reef fish on the N.E. Gulf of Mexico inner shelf as revealed in a fishery-independent trap and video survey.

Honorable Mention: David Kerstetter (Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center) and S. M. Bayse. Characterization of swordfish buoy gear catches in the Florida Straits.


Best: Derek Tremain (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Melbourne). Mercury levels in ichthyotrophic resources in the eastern Gulf of Mexico – a preliminary overview.


Cook, M. and L. Lombardi-Carlson. Reproductive seasonality and maturity of scamp, Mycteroperca phenax, from Florida�s west coast

Runner-up: Caillouet, R., J. Vecchio, and S. Keenan, S. Methods of video and still frame analyses in assessing reef associated fishes


Flaherty, K. E. Effects of a red tide event on the relative abundance of juvenile and adult sport fish in Tampa Bay

Runner-up: Reyier, E., R. Lowers, D. Scheidt, and D. Adams. Daily and Seasonal movements of Adult Red Drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) in a shallow Florida lagoon as Determined by Passive Acoustic Telemetry

Evaluation of two types of gravel as sunfish attractors, Steve Crawford

Runners-up: Preliminary population responses of sport fish species to a habitat enhancement at West Lake Tohopekaliga, Tim Bonvechio and Kim Bonvechio

The status of Loricariid Catfishes in Florida with emphasis on Orinoco Sailfin (Pterygoplichthys multiradiatus), Kelly Gestring, P.L. Shafland, and M.S. Stanford


Semilunar reproduction and rapid juvenile growth in the needlefish Strongylura scapularis, by Szelistowski, W. A.

Runner-up [tie]: A New Method to Describe Seagrass Habitat Sampled During Fishery-Independent Monitoring, by Jackson, J. B. and D. J. Nemeth.

Runner-up [tie): Biology of Wahoo in Florida and the Bahamas, Maki, K. L., R. S. McBride, and M. Murphy.

Mapping Tampa Bay Cynoscion nebulosus spawning habitat using passive acoustic surveys by Sarah Walters, Susan Lowerre-Barbieri, David Mann, and Joel Bickford

Runners Up: Preliminary results of a catch and release mortality study of tarpon in Boca Grande Pass, Florida by Christopher Powell, Kathryn Guindon-Tisdel and Luiz Barbieri

The distribution and seasonality of juvenile gag, Mycteroperca microlepis, in Charlotte Harbor, Florida by J. Patrick Casey, Gregg Poulakis and Philip Stevens

The safety of some commonly used therapeuticchemicals on shortnose sturgeon eggs and juveniles by Jennica Lowell, Ruth Francis-Floyd, Darryl Parkyn, and Robert Bakal

Derek Tremain’s poster titled “Investigation of non-lethal methods for aging subadult and adult red drum in Florida”


None presented due to joint meeting with the Southern Division

Rich McBride, J. Styer and R. Hudson, “Halfbeak, Hemiramphus spp., fishing and spawning grounds in south Florida”.

Honorable Mention: Pat O’Donnell and Todd Hopkins, “Downstream Effects of Altered Freshwater Inflow on Fish, Shrimp and Crabs of the 10,000 Islands Estuary of Southwest Florida.”