Dennis Punches Student Travel Grant Essay

The Florida Chapter AFS Student Subunit developed the “Reefs to Rivers: Florida Fisheries Science” Blog as an outlet for students to convey their latest research findings regarding fisheries here in Florida and abroad. More than just research, the blog allows students to share stories of the trials and tribulations associated with collecting fisheries data, life as a grad student, and general conundrums in fisheries research. Please submit a typed essay in either the microblog or full blog format on a topic of interest to you.

  • Microblogs have more flexibility within the format and content. Visit the blog archives to see some examples including: How to age fish, how to shuck an oyster, and stories of graduate school frustrations with science.
  • Blogs are longer, more traditional articles that usually focus more on the science, including graphs and other relevant figures.

The essay should include information about yourself (name, university and/or lab, short bio) and information about the research you are completing. You may include photos and captions within the text, along with any references. Should you be the recipient of a Student Travel Grant award, your essay will be published in the “Reefs to Rivers: Florida Fisheries Science” Blog.

Essays can be submitted directly through the student travel grant application form. Essays can be submitted in any of the following file formats: doc, docx, pdf, odt, html.

For questions regarding the essay, please contact:

Allison Durland Donahou, Ph.D.
Florida Southern College


David Kerstetter, Ph.D.
Nova Southeastern University