Update re: Genomics of Adaptation in Natural Populations Symposium at AFS 2015

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Our AFS symposium, genomics of adaptation in natural populations, was accepted and we’d like to thank those that expressed interest and contributed titles. The next step for those that would like to present is to submit a talk through the AFS meeting website (http://2015.fisheries.org/). The final date for submissions through the AFS website is March 13th and as a reminder the symposium title and description are below. We are currently limited to 22 talks which we have already exceeded based on preliminary submissions. We would prefer not to turn away good talks due to time constraints so one option available to us is breaking some time slots into speed talks. If the option of a short talk is something that you’re interested in please send us an email directly so we can try to work out scheduling. If we are unable to accommodate all submissions even with some speed talks we will work with the organizers to move talks to contributed paper sessions as necessary. We’re looking forward to an exciting symposium, thank you all for your support and enthusiasm.

Garrett McKinney
Morten Limborg
Jeff Olsen
Lisa Seeb
Jim Seeb