Genetics Symposium at IAGLR 2019

Section members:

As you plan for you summer meeting travel please consider the following symposium at the 2019 International Association for Great Lakes Research Annual meeting in Brockport, NY, June 10-14.

Application of genomic tools to inform management of the Great Lakes

Over the past few years, many geneticists studying the Great Lakes have begun to transition from traditional genetic tools to genomics. Currently, a number of these initial genomics projects are under way or nearing completion. The goal of this session is to provide a forum to discuss the initial results of genomics research in the Great Lakes and to brainstorm a road map for how genomics can be best integrated into management in the future.

The session is hosted by Wes Larson and myself.

The deadline for abstract submission is February 1 (or 11 for American Federal agency employees). Please note that IAGLR has travel award opportunities for international students.

Wendylee Stott

Contact Wendylee Stott ( for further information.

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