The MNAFS committee structure consists of the Executive Committee, nine Standing Committees, and eight Perennial Special Committees.

  1. Executive Committee (EXCOM)
  2. Standing Committees
    1. Arrangements
    2. Awards
    3. Communications
    4. Issues
    5. Long-range Planning
    6. Membership
    7. Nominations
    8. Resolutions
    9. Students
  3. Perennial Special Committees
    1. Continuing Education
    2. Fund-raising
    3. History
    4. Past-Presidents
    5. Procedures Manual
    6. Rivers and Streams
    7. Scholarships
    8. Science Fair


Standing Committees


The Arrangements Committee organizes annual Chapter meetings, meetings with neighboring chapters of the Society, and meetings with other Minnesota chapters of professional natural resources societies.


The Awards Committee recognizes the contributions of MNAFS members.


The Communications Committee uses current communication technology to keep the membership informed of MNAFS activities, develops and distributes information about the MNAFS to the general public, and facilitates communication between the MNAFS and decision makers or the general public about important fisheries issues.


The Issues Committee identifies natural resources issues in Minnesota, the region, the nation, or the world upon which the MNAFS needs to take a stand or action to protect or enhance fisheries resources.

Long-range Planning

The Long-Range Planning Committee assists in the implementation of the MNAFS long-range plan through development of an annual action agenda and updates the long-range plan as needed or as instructed by the membership. The original long-range plan was reviewed and adopted by the MNAFS at the 1992 Annual Meeting.


The Membership Committee maintains official membership records for the MNAFS, recruits new members, and ensures continued membership of current members.


The Nominations Committee solicits from MNAFS members nominations for President-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, and the four EXCOM members at-large, determines eligibility and intent of nominees running for office, and prepares, collects, tallies official ballots, and reports election results.


The Resolutions Committee reviews substantive issues of local and national concern, and develops and recommends resolutions for consideration by MNAFS membership.


The Students Committee provides advice to the MNAFS on student affairs, membership, and concerns.

Perennial Special Committees

Continuing Education Committee

The Continuing Education Committee promotes and organizes professional development opportunities for MNAFS members.

Fund-raising Committee

The Fund-raising Committee raises additional funds, through such activities such as the Annual Meeting raffle, to accomplish MNAFS goals and objectives.

History Committee

The History Committee organizes historical MNAFS records.

Past-Presidents Committee

The Past-Presidents Committee consists of former MNAFS Presidents who provide advice and continuity to current officers.

Procedures Manual Committee

The Procedures Manual Committee consolidates MNAFS Bylaws, Rules, Procedures, and other guidelines into a single document.

Rivers and Streams Committee

The Rivers and Streams Committee address issues and concerns of the MNAFS membership pertaining to rivers and streams.

Scholarships Committee

The Scholarships Committee provides scholarships to undergraduate students attending colleges and universities in Minnesota who are pursuing a degree in fisheries, water resources, aquatic biology, or aquatic environmental sciences.

Science Fair Committee

The Science Fair Committee recognizes excellent aquatic sciences projects presented by junior and senior high school students participating in the Minnesota State Science Fair Program coordinated by the Minnesota Academy of Science.

See the MNAFS Procedures Manual for additional information regarding committee responsibilities.