2022 Student Award Recipients

MNAFS Student Awards

Best Student Paper

Awarded to a student presenter who receives the highest score for their oral presentation at the Annual Meeting according to the MNAFS Paper Rating Guidelines.

2022 Recipient: Meg McEachran

Best Student Poster

2022 Recipient: Cassandra Kramer

MNAFS E.E. Mecklenburg New Ulm Area Sport Fishermen Scholarship

A scholarship to help encourage and support undergraduate students attending colleges and universities in Minnesota to earn a degree in the fields of fisheries, water resources, aquatic biology, or aquatic environmental science.

2022 Recipient: N/A

NCD Student Awards

WTC Sander Travel Award

To financially assist a student conducting research of interest to the Walleye
Technical Committee (WTC).

2022 Recipient: N/A

AFS Student Awards