MNAFS consists of four officers including the President, the President-Elect, the Past-President, and the Secretary-Treasurer.

Executive Committee (EXCOM)

The EXCOM consists of the four elected officers and four additional at-large members elected for two-year terms.

The MNAFS Executive Committee (EXCOM) consists of four elected officers (President, President-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, Past-President) and four additional at-large members elected for two-year terms at the Annual Meeting.  The four at-large members consist of one DNR representative, one open (private, tribal, and other state agencies) representative, one Federal representative, and one Academic representative.  The EXCOM is authorized to act on behalf of the Chapter between Annual Meetings.

2018 Executive Committee

President-Elect: Craig Kelling, USFWS

President: Edie Evarts, DNR

Past-President: Paul Glander, USFWS

Secretary-Treasurer: Calub Shavlik, DNR

Academic Representative: Neal Mundahl, Winona State University

DNR Representative: Kristan Maccaroni, DNR

Federal Representative: Hanna Kruckman

Open Representative: Jay Hatch, U of M Emeritus, Twin Cities