MT AFS Chapter Awards

Dear Montana AFS Members and others interested in Montana fisheries,

We need your help in recognizing resource professionals with significant contributions to protecting and restoring aquatic habitats and fishes in Montana at the 57th Annual Montana Chapter of AFS Annual Meeting in February 2024 in Lewistown.

Please send nominations to Traci Sylte, awards chair at by 5pm on Friday January 26th, 2024. Microsoft Word or Adobe .pdf documents are preferred, but any format is acceptable.

MT AFS Chapter Award Requirements
Please provide the following with your nomination:

  1. Primary Nominator and contact information (email preferred)
  2. Category of Award (see options below)
  3. Person or organization being nominated (name and contact information)
  4. Picture of the nominated person or project for potential award use
  5. Nomination letter (see attached nomination letter template)

Award categories are: 1) Communicator of the Year Award, 2) Educator of the Year Award, 3) Landowner of the Year Award, 4) Fisheries Resources Individual/Group of the Year Award, 5) Career Achievement Award, 6) Natural Resource Professional Award, and 7) Outstanding Fishery Professional Award

General awards criteria are signified by the category name and are evaluated on conservation actions, devotion, influence with local, state, or federal government entities, enacting important legislation, demonstration of long-term commitment, elevating public interest and awareness, assistance in research/management/stocking programs, innovative management programs/practices, important research or management studies, or influences that have inspired and encourage others to pursue conservation and restoration of aquatic resources.

The Outstanding Fishery Professional Award has additional criteria: membership and accomplishments in AFS and the MT Chapter; accomplishments of local, state, regional or national significance, “above and beyond” efforts, exceptional creativity and innovation, membership in other professional, resource, conservation, and community organizations, and promotion for aquatic resource management outside the fish resource profession.
An important note on the nomination letter. If your nominee receives the award, your letter will be read during the virtual awards ceremony. Succinct letters are best, highlighting all the most important points of the person honored.

Feel free to reach out to any member of ExCom for assistance Our current ExCom members are:

Dave Stagliano, Past President–

Peter Brown, President-Elect –

Clint Smith, Secretary/Treasurer –

Traci Sylte, MTAFS Awards Chair –


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