The Joint Committee on Engineering and Fisheries Science is currently responsible for awarding the annual Fish Passage Distinguished Project Award, presented at each Fish Passage Conference, and has designated a Project Award Committee to assess nominated projects and to select an award winner.

An ideal project for the award exemplifies success in restoring passage and inspires greater application of fish passage restoration. Priority will be given to projects that have demonstrated effectiveness and fulfillment of restoration goals, as illuminated by a well-designed monitoring plan and system. Self-nomination is encouraged.

Each nominated project is evaluated with the following criteria:

  • Monitoring and evaluation – Monitoring report / findings and data are required for submittal. Telemetry, fish trapping, physical observations counts, or other monitoring techniques should be used as the basis of the findings. The monitoring report should describe methods and analysis of both pre- and post-construction.
  • Ecological gain for passage and habitat for endangered and native species
  • Innovation and technical excellence
  • Stakeholder collaboration and community based support
  • Education and public involvement
  • Effective application of resources (financial and matching)
  • Implementation according to design intent and adaptive to field conditions
  • Inspirational value

Nominations are now closed for the Fish Passage 2018 Project Award.  The winning project(s) will be selected by the EWRI-AFS Joint Committee on Fisheries Engineering and Science and notified at the end of July 2018 or soon thereafter. The awarded project(s) and leaders will receive official recognition, tokens of appreciation, and presentation of the award at the Fish Passage 2018 conference at Albury, NSW (Australia). The winning project will also be listed on the Fish Passage Conference website and will have the opportunity to present their work through the ASCE-EWRI/AFS-BES Joint Committee on Fisheries Engineering and Science Webinar Series in 2019. It is requested that at least one representative of the winning project(s) be present to receive the award at the conference banquet and give a short presentation of the project during the conference.

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