Parent Organization Support Task Group

The Parent Organization Support Task Group provides a home within the Joint Committee for projects, event planning, and products to support the parent organizations and their missions.  For the Parent Organizations (EWRI and AFS) this group supports conference planning, provides outreach and education through conference presentations, prepares articles and papers for periodicals of the Parent Organizations of EWRI and AFS. It also takes on special projects to support the Parent Organizations.

Examples of past contributions of this group include:

  • Initiating and planning assistance for a special panel of leading professionals to discuss the high profile failure of the spillway at Oroville Dam (EWRI Congress 2017)
  • Planning and moderating for the 50th Anniversary Watershed Management Symposium in 2015 (Including a planning a field tour of dam removal sites)
  • Preparing an article for the Winter 2019 publication of EWRI Currents.

The POSTG meets bimonthly with the Joint Committee and as needed when special projects or planning is in progress.


Please reach out to Denis Ruttenberg, P.E.  at if you have any questions about the group ro would like to contribute to the Task Group.

Task Group Members

Task group members include Denis Ruttenberg, Marcin Whitman, Kathy Hoverman, and Kevin Mulligan.