Project Award Committee

The Project Award Committee’s purpose is to develop and maintain a process and criteria for the solicitation for award nominations and project evaluations.  The Committee is responsible for reviewing the nominations and selecting an awardee for each conference. The group meets about once a month to accomplish these tasks, typically starting about 6-8 months in advance of the conference until an awardee is selected, typically about 3 months before the conference. Once an awardee is selected, notified, and has accepted the award, the Committee chair arranges for award plaques for the Project Award and for the Career Achievement Award to be made.

For more information on the award, including how to nominate projects for future awards, how a winning project is selected, and information on past winners, visit


Please contact Jon Mann, the chair of the Project Award Task Committee, at

Committee Members:

The committee has recently included Jon Mann, Ted Castro-Santos, Marcin Whitman, Denis Ruttenberg, Bob Gubernick, Andy Peters, Mike Garello, Matthew Gordos, and Peter Christensen.  Kevin Mulligan has also provided invaluable support.