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Committee Members

Chair:  Kevin Mulligan, Ph.D. (
Vice-Chair:  Gwen Macdonald (
Secretary:  Amy Hunt, P.E. (
Treasurer:  Jean Castillo, MSCE, P.E. (
Past Chair: Kathy Hoverman, P.E. (

Alex Haro, Ph.D.  (

Amy Singler  (

Andy Peters  (

Denis Ruttenberg (

Jon Mann, P.E.

Rachael Weiter, EIT, M.S.C.E.  (

Laura Wildman, P.E. (

Marcin Whitman  (

Michael Chelminski, P.E. (

Robert (Bob) Gubernick (

Ted Castro-Santos (

Toby Kock  (

Gordon Clark (

Michael Love (

Xiaotao Shi (

Peter Christensen, P.E. (

Hugo Marques (


If you do not see an email for the committee member you would like to reach, please email one of the Executive Committee members and they will reach out directly to that person.