2015 MINK Data Conclave Announcement

No PowerPoints. No officers. No committees.

The MINK Data Conclave was created to be an informal gathering of natural resource data and information managers in the four state area (all are welcome). We gather for one day in a round-table format to discuss projects our members have underway and offer advice, discussions, and sounding boards to each other. Unique solutions, new approaches, and moral support seem to abound when passionate professionals gather for frank conversations.

The next MINK Data Conclave will occur during February 2015, in the Maryville, Missouri area. All are welcome. Please contact Jeff Kopaska (jeff.kopaska@dnr.iowa.gov), Julie Fleming (Julie.fleming@mdc.mo.gov), Susan Steffen (susan.steffen@ksoutdoors.com), or Keith Hurley (keith.hurley@nebraska.gov) for more details.

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