Conference Call

FITS Excom Conference Call 4/14/2016 10:00am-



Julie DeFilippi

Nick Sievert

Jodi Whittier

Andy Loftus

Thom Litts

Jeff Kopaska



  • Drupal Gardens Going out of Business-Julie
    • Website can be migrated to another webhosting platform (Bluehost is an alternative we can migrate to).
    • Do we want to migrate to bluehost or move in another direction
    • Thom Comments
      • Need to move by August 1st
      • Move to AFS or migrate to bluehost
        • Doesn’t have a strong opinion
      • AFS wordpress is a viable option, still can migrate from there if needed in future
    • Julie
      • How difficult would it be to migrate from drupal to wordpress?
    • Thom
      • Site will have to be rebuilt
      • Shouldn’t be too difficult if someone knows wordpress tackles the challenge
      • Should discuss with Rebecca since she knows wordpress well
      • One advantage of moving to wordpress would be that AFS staff would have access so they would be able to assist us with managing it.
    • Julie: Asked if anyone else had thoughts, no one else had comments, she will talk with Rebecca
    • Thom and Andy
      • Because of short deadline it’s likely that our best option is to migrate to another platform for the short term and look into migrating to AFS in the future
    • Julie: Lets go ahead and migrate to bluehost temporarily to give us time to migrate to AFS hosting (if that’s what we decide to do).
    • Thom: CMS to CMS-> Allows for migration of Drupal to wordpress in minutes seamlessly
      • Free Demo
    • Julie: We can try Thom’s CMS to CMS if there is a volunteer and if it works we can try going to AFS and if not we can switch to bluehost.
    • Thom will look at trying to migrate to wordpress using the CMS to CMS that he found. Will touch base with Rebecca.
      • We will also have to repoint our DNS to wherever our new site is
      • Thom will first migrate into bluehost and then try to get switched over to wordpress
    • Section Meeting
      • Monday afternoon has been a historically good time to hold the meeting to get good attendance. – Julie
        • No meetings during plenaries-Thom
      • Julie: Tentatively schedule business meeting from 3-5pm on Monday
      • Julie: 20 minutes setup time, anticipated group size (20’s typically) 20-30 will be what we go with on our form, seating arrangement options (Square, theater, wedding reception)
        • Jodi, Julie, and Jeff prefer the hollow square
        • Julie will check the box that she’s interested in food and will hear back from the Sheraton with the options.
      • Investment Discussion (Julie)
        • Julie hasn’t had a chance to discuss the options further with Dan.
          • Discuss further next call
        • Papers submitted
          • Thanks everyone for working on the climate change paper and next generation papers
            • Particularly to Jodi and Jeff for leading the charge
          • Officer reports
            • Need to get those together so we can get them sent out there
            • Need to start thinking about elections for next year
              • Better to ask early before people get more commitments
            • Andy:
              • Distribute minutes to membership for approval at the meeting, Andy will get them to Nick so they can be distributed and voted on at the meeting.
            • Try to get reports done ahead of time so they can be circulated ahead of time-Andy
            • Nick and Julie will get together with Andy to get the reports together
            • Thoughts on election:
              • Andy- Generally better to try and lock people in early, many are in multiple sections and if another section gets them first they might not be able to run with us.
            • Rebecca (as president elect) will be in charge of getting the candidates set up, here is a short list of folks we were able to come up with on the call.
              • Jeff K- May have someone who is interested in running for president Rebekka Lindskoog
              • Jodi- Perhaps Nicole Eiden would be interested?
              • Julie- Jeff O may be a good candidate
            • Next call will be the 14th of July

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