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AFS Fisheries Information and Technology Section

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2018


  • Officer Reports
  • Committee Reports
    • Communications Update
        • Sarah will manage but need to find login
        • Could keep as document storage and photosharing
      • Sarah would like to update the website but needs input on what we’d like to have
      • Rebecca suggests that we try to be better about integrating the website with the Facebook page
        • Rebecca and Sarah will look into plugins for WordPress to integrate the two better
        • Feature where people can use their Facebook logins to post on website?
      • Section Infographics by ELMA program
        • We will be working with one of the emerging leaders, Nathan Lederman, to create an infographic for FITS over the next year
  • ESAB Update
      • Electronic services advisory board; Amber Lee Jones is Chair, Rebecca is FITS representative
        • Would like to pass off to someone else next year
      • Just finished collecting responses to survey about AFS online services
  • AFS 2018
    • Governing Board Report submitted
      • Completed and everything was all good
  • Symposium Report
      • Good presentations and discussion
      • Attendance was slightly down, but only a little less than average
      • May be a good time to focus on a new topic, perhaps add an additional FITS-sponsored symposium
  • Update website with minutes
      • Need to make sure it’s posted more frequently and determine who should be responsible
      • Going forward, Kayla will post meeting minutes, Sarah will post other documents
  • How can we redesign our meeting for next year?
      • Don’t attract a lot of new people, new ones we do attract we tend to lose
      • Should think about restructuring the meeting; skip all the report reviews and ask people to look at it before the meeting
      • Only briefly review old business and do so early in the meeting, make it more of an open forum discussion
      • Focus time on new business, roundtable set up, send suggestion topics early
      • Coordinate the business meeting with trade show? Discuss with Steve Kambouris
        • Have a booth for only the opening evening? Act as “ambassadors” for the trade show vendors?
        • Don’t call it a business meeting, could help attract more people
  • Travel Award Results and Discussion
    • Winner is Jordan Holtsworth
    • Scoring improvements
      • Rubric was a bit too general
      • Should we require a presentation for applicants?
      • Send “primers” to scorers about things to keep in mind when scoring
    • Poster for OFWIM
      • Sarah will touch base with the winner about getting it printed and getting it to the meeting
  • Fishackathon 2019
    • Notable changes in leadership
    • Still ramping up, date has been moved from February to June to coincide with World Ocean Day (June 8-9th, 2019)
    • Paul is scheduled to be in Europe during that time but will make sure someone is there to cover it
    • Could we create a package to help more subunits be involved? Distill the package from Fishackathon down and send it out to the units – encourage them to register as well
  • Technology Article (Sarah)
    • Will send a draft to ExComm in the next couple weeks
    • Initially were going to put it in NAJFM as a peer reviewed summary of advanced tech but editor decided it isn’t quite the right fit for the journal. Better suited for Fisheries Magazine and will talk to Jeff Schaeffer.
    • Kickoff to our effort of translating knowledge on advanced technology
      • Announcement of where we’re going in the future as a section
  • Symposium Planning 2019 and beyond
    • Sarah to lead the planning
      • Will contact contributors to Tech Article to gauge initial interest and ask for input about additional contributors
  • Continuing Education 2019 and beyond
    • Hard Part Microchemistry suggestion from Ben Neely
      • Going out of our usual topics could help attract new members who might otherwise not think to join FITS
  • Data Management


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