Conference Call

AFS Fisheries Information and Technology Section

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

December 11 2018

  1. Officer and Committee Reports (Kayla, Rebecca, Julie, Paul, Guest: Steve Kambouris)
    1. Rebecca
      1. ESAB
        1. Procedures update
        2. Membership Services Survey being analyzed
    2. Julie
      1. Communication Committee-Strategic communications among AFS
        1. Formulating Procedures
        2. Brand Revitalization-membership survey ~1600 responses
        3. Communications position: One person from every division, Section representatives:
          1. Publications
          2. Membership
          3. Science Communications
          4. FITS (Open position, Julie to send description to Rebecca to share)
          5. ESAB
    3. Kayla
      1. Standing Balance : $63,849
  2. Travel Award Outcomes (Julie?)
    1. Graded heavily on presentation but not clear on application
    2. Avoid extending deadlines
    3. Overall earlier deadlines
    4. Planning deadlines for award application, judging, and communicating with applications on updates of process
  3. Technology Article (Sarah)
    1. Quarterly articles for Fisheries
    2. Idea is to lead up to symposiums
    3. Final Quarterly article will be symposium updates
    4. 1st article topic– Camera technology in stock assessments and fish populations in the water column
  4. Symposium Plans for 2019, 2020 and beyond
    1. Symposium proposals due Feb 1
    2. Request for papers open in February
    3. Abstracts due April 5
    4. Call outcome: Assign symposium topics and lead planners
      1. Running title “Remote Sensing Technology & Population Assessments”
        1. Sarah (Lead): email any suggestions for speakers to Sarah
    5. Future symposium 2020
      1. Dealing with Large Datasets
        1. Advances in technology-more data- how to manage it
  5. Continuing Education Workshop Plans for 2019
    1. Request period opens Dec 14, 2018
    2. Workshop proposals due Feb 19
    3. Call outcome: Assign workshop topics and lead planners 2019
      1. Foundations of data management concepts
        1. Rebecca  (lead), Kayla
        2. Standardizing data collection, enter
        3. Building databases
        4. Webinars before hand
      2. GIS
        1. Kayla (lead)
  6. Meeting Setup for 2019 (Guest Steve Kambouris)
    1. Call outcome: Identify a few “definites” and “definitely nots” for next year’s meeting plan
    2. Business meeting ideas
      1. Use time more efficiently
      2. Skip old business? Not engaging
      3. Integrate with vendors show
      4. Steve:
        1. “Tech Talks” by vendors within trade show (demos)
          1. FITS to help sponsor?
          2. Help with day-of organizations
            1. Introduce venders
            2. Invite members to come and share their experiences with tech/vendors
            3. FITS booth within Tech Talk- Posters, flyers
              1. Promotional items for social media engagement
        2. Message boards to connect vendors and members
  7. Officer elections timeline
    1. Paul will develop and head this effort

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