Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

AFS Fisheries Information and Technology Section

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

March 8, 2019


Attendees: Kayla, Julie, Rebecca, Dan, Paul

  • Welcome to Dan Weaver
  • AFS 2019 Planning Update
    • Symposium proposal (Advanced Tech) has been submitted as well as workshop (data management) proposal submitted.
    • Need to start contacting potential speakers for symposium.
    • Most of workshop is concept based with is “hands on” building database with access
    • Keith is requesting help for travel to AFS: 2 hotel nights and a flight (we agreed to fund his request, A formal travel request will be sent to Keith)
    • Expected to charge $50.00 per person.(expecting 20 people) = &1250 expected profit from workshop
    • Also a co-sponsor of another symposium (MARKING, TAGGING, AND TRACKING OF FISH AND WILDLIFE) that has been submitted and we are now trying to identify potential speakers
      • Action item:
        • contact potential speakers for Adv. Tech. symposium.
        • Kayla to send Keith travel request form.
  • AFS 2020 Planning Update
    • Symposium with goal to publish papers, would want to start finding authors now. We would want ask folks to be involved that have projects that are near completion or would be willing to commit to having a paper draft well before the meeting. We want to have draft papers before the meeting so that we can  quickly review them after the meeting and send it off to be published. Anticipated outlet: North American Journal-Special Issue.
    • Need to develop topic. What kind of projects that we are looking for. Need to make sure that not all papers are conceptual. Want the papers to focus on the topic and coordinate well together.
    • This paper will be invite only – Symposium speakers are not guaranteed inclusion in publication.
    • How many papers? 4-8 papers typically, but could potential be entire issue.
    • We need to clearly define what BIG data are.
    • Action Item (Dan and Paul): Get topic and “manuscript outline” on paper; The outline can help us identify what we want to include in the symposium.
  • Nominations (Paul): Want to get this out soon. Feedback to Paul today or tomorrow.
    • Action Item: Paul will send to Julie to send out to membership.
  • Discussion of Partnership Travel Award
    • Julie to make googledoc for ExComm comments and suggestions on how we want to change or modify the announcements and rubrics etc.
    • Action Item: Excomm to have all edits done by next call.

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