Executive Committee May Meeting Minutes

AFS Fisheries Information and Technology Section

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

May 10, 2019

Attendees: Kayla, Paul, Sarah


  • Announcement – Paul has taken a director position of a PhD program at Ball State. Stay tuned.
  • Officer Nominations – Paul
    • 2 nomination for President Elect:
      • Tiffany Hopper
      • Jason Doll
    • Will have vote go live within the next few weeks
  • AFS 2019 Plans
    • Courses approved! Data Management Sunday AM, Webmaster ESAB Sunday PM
    • Symposium Updates
      • Adv. Technology – 15 talks with one borrowed from telemetry symposium, perfect for one day
      • Telemetry – 34 talks and posters
      • Lessons from License Sales – 18 talks submitted, haven’t reviewed them yet
  • Affiliated Meeting Request: Business Meeting at annual meeting
    • Due in June, will get done (Rebecca)
    • Date/time preferred for meeting?
      • Sarah:Are we still doing meeting at tradeshow
      • Sarah submitted happy hour request for networking, but they will not be getting back until June. Date already set for those. Wednesday 7pm.
      • No preferred time/date at this morning
      • In the past, we have done Tuesday afternoon.
      • Maybe combine “meeting” with happy hour (if we get it)? Or at least make a FITS advertisement at the happy hour.
  • Center for Fisheries Technology and Collaboration
  • AFS 2020 Plans
    • Workshops
  • Big Data Symposium
      • NAJFM Approval?
      • Seems to be a hefty price tag (~20,000)
      • Revisit
      • Working committee: Dan, Paul, Steve Ranney – Potential members to recruit? Martha or someone from her group?
    • 150th Celebration Section Display – What should we do?
      • Worth ExCom getting together at annual meeting for 30min to brain storm?
      • Outreach and communication committee task?
      • Incorporate quarterly articles? They have a visual elements
      • 3x3m space or digital screen
        • More info on available space. Desk?
        • Something we can create in Pwpt or other software (scrolling)
        • Audio will probably not be a good idea (too loud)
      • Going for visual interest, creativity, interactive displays
      • Minimize need for staffing the display area
      • Paraphernalia desired? Large signage or posters?
      • Focus: History of tech advancements? Massive changes in computational power?
        • Old photos of tech that people may not have seen before
    • 150 Fishes – Do we have a fish that we care to submit?
      • Deadline has passed
      • Current list is heavily game fish
      • We would want to do non-game fish
        • Darter?
        • Sculpin?
    • Partnership Travel Award
      • Write-up from Jordan
      • Prep announcement for this year
  • Emerging Leaders’ Infographic – Coordinate providing comments to Nathan
    • Sarah complied and sent comments to Nathan
    • No response yet, will follow up in a few weeks
    • Sarah will send follow up email on areas that we need more information
  • FDX (Fisheries Data Exchange)- setting standards


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