Become a Data Management Master! Continuing Education at the AFS Annual Meeting

New to managing your own data? Not sure how to handle the volumes of information pouring in on your project? This course is for you!

Taught by expert Keith Hurley (Nebraska Game and Parks Commission), this course is designed for anyone who collects and works with data. The focus will be applied fish and wildlife examples, covering topics from basic data management concepts, to planning, to data validation and QA/QC, to basic relational database structure and design.

This is not a specialist-only course! Good data management is essential for good science, and this course will teach you skills that can be applied in almost any position in the fisheries and wildlife fields. The course is appropriate for any level of professional experience, but is targeted toward those who may have limited experience handling their own data.

Sign up today! The course title is “Database Concepts, Design, and Application in Wildlife and Fisheries Science.”


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