Focus on New Tech for Fisheries Science at AFS 2019

The FITS Section is not the only group to put together a symposium on new and advanced technologies!

In addition to the full-day FITS-sponsored symposium on “Integrating Advanced Technologies into Fisheries and Wildlife Science” on Tuesday, October 1, there are two other symposia you may find interesting:

  • Tuesday, October 1 in the afternoon: Expanding the Final Frontier – Using Autonomous Systems in Living Resources Research and Management
  • Wednesday, October 2 in the morning: Techno-Fish: Application of Emerging Technologies for Solving Problems in Marine Fisheries

    This symposium will focus on applications of new technologies to help shed light on many persistent problems and questions in marine fisheries science. Examples include molecular biological techniques and bioinformatics that can provide new understanding of reproduction, population dynamics, stock structure, trophic relationships, and harmful algal blooms. Trophic relationships are being explored with stable isotopes and DNA barcoding of prey items. Migration, growth rates, and catchability can be better understood using the tools of skeletochronology and geostatistics. Molecular endocrinology is providing insight into control of maturation and reproduction. Combining elemental and structural analysis of hard parts such as otoliths, scales, and bones, can shed light on habitat-specific growth rates and migration history. Estimates of bycatch and discard mortality can be improved using behavioral indices and metabolic profiling. Techniques such as fourier transform near infra-red spectroscopy (FT-NIRS) can be used for both estimation of otolith age and to identify microplastics. The Symposium is sponsored by the Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center, which was established to train graduate students to conduct innovative and collaborative research in NOAA mission-relevant sciences, with an emphasis on fisheries and living marine resources.

The Section will host a networking event after the symposium Tuesday for all like-minded AFS attendees!  Please keep your evening open to mingle with others who share your interest in emerging technology applications and challenging fisheries questions.  More information will be announced soon!


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