ExCom Meeting Minutes 8/9/19

Attendees: Rebecca Krogman, Paul Venturelli, Sarah Grasty, Dan Weaver

  1. Election Update
    1. Final result:  Tiffany Hopper with 110 votes cast
    2. Paul: Inform Tiffany and Jason right away
    3. Rebecca: Announce the election outcome on website
    4. Paul: Recruit Jason for committee effort if possible
  2. Quarterly articles – Sarah
    1. July Issue: 2nd article published
    2. Salmon shooter company Whooshh working with us, and RFID UK-based company FishTrack – The integrated article theme is “how to collect data in remote areas and analyze it efficiently with big data”
    3. Last one is wrap-up after symposium
    4. 2020 Let’s do it again!
      1. Sarah needs at least one major dedicated helper
      2. All: Consider topics we may want to use as a theme, and consider people we could recruit to help co-lead
  3. Partnership Travel Award
    1. Need to add to minutes
  4. AFS 2019 Plans
    1. Workshops
      1. Twelve signed up for Data Management workshop
      2. ESAB-sponsored webmaster course cancelled
      3. Rebecca: Advertise for Data Management – goal is 20-25 attendees
    2. Symposia and Tech-focused Networking Event
      1. Symposia are scheduled and look good
      2. Tech Talks are being scheduled and branded with FITS’-designed logo – Rebecca: Advertise Tech Talks on website
      3. Networking Event – Sarah should know by early August if we can get complimentary tickets at the Pepper Mill – call it mid-next week; brewery is already booked – Sarah will invite the other symposium organizers too
  5. AFS 2020-DanW.
    1. Big Data Symposium and Special Issue
      1. Discussed with Martha Mather, potential contributor
      2. Authors may not be responsive to cold call as it is so early – Contact at the Reno meeting? Within our personal circles, we can recruit now.
      3. Check the Google sheet from Dan with potential themes/speakers
      4. Cost of special issue
        1. We could ask Fisheries Management and Education Sections – We could propose it formally next year with the papers or at least authors/organizers in-hand
        2. Aaron Lerner – Rebecca: ask about cost flexibility, if nothing then have Dan call Dan D.
          1. Special stand-alone issue of AFS Journal online and print, with ~240 pages, estimated at $12,000
          2. Special section within an issue, with ~100 pages, estimated around $5,000
          3. AFS members can typically waive page charges, but if everyone does, it may cause financial issue for journal – We should do some fundraising for sure to help cover any cost, and perhaps we can do a discounted rate – All would depend on us reaching an agreement we are comfortable with, with Wiley
          4. Complete the form requesting a special section/issue and send to Dan Daugherty VIA Aaron Lerner.
    2. 150th Plans
      1. Rebecca: Put together a request for photos, videos, paraphernalia for booth
      2. Rebecca: Price 3d glasses
  6. FDX Update
    1. Dana Infante invited me (FITS) onto the authorship of a new chapter on Databases and Data Management, hoping to expand the group of authors to include FDX committee members but we will see
    2. Great opportunity for FITS to contribute in a meaningful way to improving data practices across profession!

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