**Virtual Spring Conference** An Update from Leadership

AFS Virtual Spring Conference 2020: A message from leadership

“We wanted to provide an update for you on the virtual conference.  We have a full 10 talks to lead us off on April 16 (Orth Plenary, 7 Alaska, 2 contributed), 48 submitted abstracts and counting, and over $5,000 raised so far from Sponsors!  As of Friday there were 130 registered participants to view the webinar!  Things are looking good.  We also wanted to provide you some answers to FAQs, and let you know all details should be available now on our website.


  1. Is it free?  Yes, but need to create an account, and register for specific sessions.  Donations to Hutton Fund appreciated.
  2. Do you have to be an AFS member?  No.
  3. Where do I upload presentations?  AFS staff will send a Google Drive Invite, if no Google Account, presenter needs to create one.
  4. Where is the listed schedule of presentations?  Close, but have not posted them yet for Apr 16.  Remaining will occur after April 17 Abstract Deadline.
  5. How can I access the webinars?  Register for sessions directly from the webpage.
  6. What happens if I don’t see my AFS-affiliated group listed as a Session?  The presenter will be placed in a contributed session or added to other sessions to assure we have ~10 talks.  They will be contacted directly to set up a presentation time slot.

We need more POSTERS, so please advocate for the poster session.  Also, if anyone knows of potential sponsors, please send them to the “Sponsorship & Donations” portion of the website.  This has been a whirl-wind effort to pull together in a very short time frame.  We appreciate everyone’s support and flexibility during this rapid and dynamic planning process. ”


Unit Online Presentation Date Abstract Submission Deadline Video/Poster Upload Deadline
Alaska Chapter April 16 April 9 April 13 (noon AKDT)
Contributed Papers (7 talks) April 21 April 17 April 17
Florida Chapter April 23 April 17 April 17
Western Division/WA-BC April 28 & 30 April 17 April 24
Western Division/Cal-Neva May 5 April 17 May 1
Poster Session May 6 April 17 May 1
Tidewater Chapter May 7 April 17 May 1


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