Executive Committee Meeting Minutes April 2020

AFS Fisheries Information and Technology Section

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

April 17, 2020 (delayed one week for ex-com members adjusting to the pandemic)

Attendees: Rebecca Krogman, Paul Venturelli, Tiffany Hopper

  • CFTC
    • Rebecca relayed information and recommendations to Steve Kambouris for AFS 150
    • A major aim is to increase Tech Talk visibility. They will be “selectable” on the app, and coordinated so that they do overlap with regular talks.
    • There is more demand for Tech Talks than we have room for, which speaks to the popularity of this medium among vendors.
    • This puts AFS in a position to select talk proposals and suggest improvements.
    • FITS has agreed to serve as a judge to evaluate tech talk applications.
    • Summary of progress on the online version of the CFTC:
      • Plugin-installed, permissions error solved.
      • Rebecca is working with Jason Doll to begin populating the website with hardware and software.


  • AFS 2020
    • We are in a holding pattern due to uncertainties related to the pandemic. It is not clear if the conference will go forward at all or in what form. Major areas are
      • The Big Data Symposium (no update)
      • The 150 Booth
        • Action Item 1: Rebecca to promote the photo contest.
        • Action Item 2: Rebecca to fill out booth form, due July 20th.
      • The Continuing Education data management workshop is a go if Keith Hurley can travel (and the conference goes forward in some form).


  • Travel Award (Paul)
    • Background: we are offering two travel awards per year. To attend any relevant conference. Past award winners will serve on the next year’s selection committee. The awards are a win-win for our members and the section.
    • We decided to list travels awards in January and July. The January listing coincides with the AFS annual meeting cycle. The second listing in July (6 months later) splits the year, and is an opportunity to those who want to attend a fall or winter meeting.


  • Election Cycle (Rebecca)
    • Rebecca proposed changing our by-laws so that presidents serve a 4-year term instead of 6: one year each as second vice president, first vice president, president, and past president.
    • The reasoning is that a 6-year commitment (two years each as president-elect, president, and past president) can be a lot of work, and people’s situations can change a lot in that time. Six years may be a barrier to participation. Dedicating four years to Section leadership strikes a balance between experience/wisdom and realistic expectations of involvement.
    • We will begin by querying our members.
      • Action Item: Paul write up a justification, circulate it among the ex-com for comment, and then ask Kayla to send out an email.

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