Executive Committee Meeting Minutes May 2020

AFS Fisheries Information and Technology Section

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

May 8, 2020

Attendees: Rebecca Krogman, Paul Venturelli, Tiffany Hopper, Kayla Key, Dan Weaver

  • Sarah Grasty’s update (via email; could not attend):
    • We are still planning to do a 3rd FITS article in Fisheries Magazine. Should know if/when that’ll be published within the next few weeks.
    • Unclear about a fourth but I’m still interested in pursuing some of the ideas that Martha brought up during her talk – need to confirm with the editors that that’s something they’d like to have, though.
  • AFS Columbus
    • General discussion in light of the pandemic
      • Possibility of being cancelled
      • Board meeting on Monday to vote on cancellation and evaluate alternatives
      • Concerns about low registration if AFS is a virtual meeting
    • 150 booth (Rebecca)
      • Could we do this virtually?
      • Photo contest: If we get entries, we could highlight them on our webpage and give shout outs on virtual meeting
    • Big Data Symposium (Dan)
      • On temporary hold until further notice
    • CE workshop (Paul)
      • May be something we could offer virtually
      • Will depend on platform and set up of virtual meeting
      • If we can capture on virtual format, we could have that video for future use.
      • If we move to virtual meeting, we will ask Keith if he would be open to a virtual workshop
  • CFTC online (Rebecca)
        • Rebecca is working with necessary parties to resolve errors and add necessary plugins.
        • Her goal is to have a formal letter drafted to vendors asking for participation in trial set-up for feedback, but this will depend on the progress on getting issues resolved
  • Travel award (Paul). Initial prep to list in July.
          • In anticipation for fall and winter meetings, we need to get the travel award out.
          • We need to update the application with new information.
            • Twice a year, any conference, with explanation as to why they want to go to that conference and how they would benefit from going.
            • Add a checkbox for them to agree that they understand they will be involved in next year’s travel award selection process.
          • Action Item: All, please take a look at the application information sent by Rebecca and send any edits to Rebecca within two weeks
  • By-law amendment to 4-year election cycle (Paul, Rebecca).
      • Rebecca proposed changing our by-laws so that presidents serve a 4-year term instead of 6: one year each as second vice president, first vice president, president, and past president.
      • The reasoning is that a 6-year commitment (two years each as president-elect, president, and past president) can be a lot of work, and people’s situations can change a lot in that time. Six years may be a barrier to participation. Dedicating four years to Section leadership strikes a balance between experience/wisdom and realistic expectations of involvement.
      • Request for feedback from the membership
        • We will start with feedback to gage interest and support
  • AFS Director Doug Austen jumped on call to discuss web-based solutions related to a proposal “Senior Professional Engagement Initiative” that is in the works.
          • The purpose of this proposal is “To address the special needs and challenges of our senior colleagues as they transition into the sunset of their career”
          • Rebecca suggests reaching out to electronic services advisory board

Next Meeting is June 12th


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