Executive Committee August Meeting Minutes 2020

AFS Fisheries Information and Technology Section

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

August 14, 2020

Attendees: Rebecca Krogman, Paul Venturelli, Tiffany Hopper, Kayla Key

  • Virtual AFS meeting
    • Big Data symposium (Dan via email)
      • ExCom is discussing the symposium packages
        • Live or not live
      • CEC workshop (Paul)
        • No report on workshops
        • Action item: Paul to send email to check on status of CE.
      • FITS annual business meeting (Paul)
        • Requesting day & time and use AFS meeting platform
          • Times requested by preference:
            • Thursday Sept 17th 4-5pm, 3-4pm, or Tuesday Sept 15th 4-5pm
          • Expected attendance 25
          • Announcement email
          • Follow-up email to include Report and Agenda
        • 1 hour
        • Discussion based
        • Breakout rooms are available
        • Topics:
          • CFTC update
          • Revenue generation
            • CFTC
          • How FITS can use income to better serve members?
          • Recruiting students and young professionals
            • Work with Student and Early Career Professionals section
              • Reaching new graduate students with CFTC
            • Meaningful participation
            • Travel awards
          • Member feedback
        • Action Item: Paul to draft Business meeting agenda before next ExCom meeting
      • “Shark Tank” prize (Paul)
        • Action Item: Paul to email for more information
      • SecTreas Report due 31 August (Kayla and Paul)
        • Action Item: Kayla to submit before August 31st
      • CFTC online (Rebecca)
        • FITS role to monetize and manage
        • We would receive portion of subscription profits
        • Grant is working on small issues of linking pages, category listing, and image display
        • Steve concerns
          • Hosting live stream session to show distributors about the new CFTC platform (easily done) or a promo video (but who would produce this video).
          • Harmonize CFTC with AFS organization membership program to make sure they are not competing against each other but working together.
            • Organizational memberships and CFTC subscription
              • AFS wants to offer org. membership listing discounts on CFTC
            • AFS is shouldering development costs right now
            • FITS could pay for continued support
            • How to balance these systems?
              • S2 member manage system automatically
              • They cover support and we eat the cost of support anything over they pay to us?
              • Open discussion
            • By-law amendment to 4-year election cycle (Paul)
              • Action Item: Paul to posted President message to site/newsletter
            • Other business
              • Travel award delayed until Fall (Paul)
              • FITS articles in Fisheries (Sarah)
                • Third article to be published soon
                • Fourth article is in the works: summary of last years symposium and ideas generated
                • Sarah is stepping down as Communications Coordinator for FITS
              • Call for Rep on the Resource Policy Committee (to replace Jodi Whittier) (Paul)
              • Call for Electronic Service Advisory Board (ESAB) section representative on behalf of FITS
              • Call for Communications Coordinator for FITS
              • Action Item: Paul to posted calls for these three positions to site/newsletter

Next Meeting is September 11th


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