AFS Fisheries Information and Technology Section

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2020

Attendees: Kayla, Paul, Rebecca, Tiffany, Dan

  • Virtual AFS meeting
    • FITS Related Symposia
      • Action Item (Paul): Send reminder to members about FITS related symposia
        • Big Data symposium (Dan)
          • “Merging Data Science and Fisheries and Aquatic Science to Solve Big Problems”
          • No live session
          • Presentations will be available online
          • We will share more details as they become available
        • “Bayesian Inference: Applications and Interpretation”
        • “Using Autonomous Systems in Fisheries Management-What We Can Learn from the Past to Create a Sustainable Future”
      • CEC workshop (Paul)
        • No response to our email
      • FITS annual business meeting (Paul)
        • Action item (Paul): Send reminder to membership about meeting and send information that can be viewed ahead of time (Agenda, Reports and Minutes)
        • Action item (Paul): Reach out to Julie and Jodi for reports on respective committees and attending the FITS business meeting.
      • CFTC online (Rebecca)
        • Going well
        • Call with Exhibitors to demo the CFTC
        • All bugs are worked out and works nicely
        • We are working on building content
      • Citizen Science Task Force (Paul)
        • ExCom reviewed the proposal and agreed that FITS could be of help.
        • FITS will be involved in sending Calls for Volunteers in the future
      • Other business
        • Feedback on by-law change (Paul/Kayla)
          • No feedback
        • Resource Policy Committee rep search (Paul/Kayla)
          • Highlight in Business Meeting
        • Call for Communications Coordinator for FITS (Paul/Kayla)
          • Highlight in Business Meeting

Next Meeting is October 9th


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