A holiday gift from FITS

Dear Members,

We are excited to announce the first annual membership renewal giveway. Why? Because FITS the season for giving – and you can’t spell “gift” without FIT(s)!

The following lucky members will receive an automatic Section renewal for 2021:

Jae Abel, Santa Clara Valley Water District

Aimee Aguilar, Oregon State

Benjamin Americus, Oregon State

Timothy Bourassa, Central Michigan University

Tim Brush, Inter-Fluve

Andrew Chione, Oregon State

Tyler Coleman, Utah State University

Jeff Cullen, University of Georgia

Connor Elliott, Queen’s University

Ahmed Gad, Louisiana State

Brittany Harried, University of North Texas

Candace Narvaez, Penn State

Alexis Neff, Grand Valley State

Samara Nehemiah, UF/IFAS Nature Coast Biological Station

Jacqueline Pallard, University of Alberta

Diana Perry, University of Florida

Ryan Sparks, Eastern Illinois University

Diana Tersteeg, ADF&G/Sport Fish

Theodore Treska, USFWS – Green Bay WI

Tyler Wallin, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Name not on the list? Don’t worry – we are also covering registration to AFS Baltimore for another set of lucky members. Details and names TBA.

Merry FITSmas!

Your FITS ExCom

Paul Venturelli, President

Tiffany Hopper, President-Elect

Rebecca Krogman, Past President

Kayla Key, Secretary-Treasurer




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