Consider contributing to the 2021 COVID Symposium

The Fisheries Information and Technology Section is hosting a special symposium at AFS Baltimore in November 2021. Please consider submitting a paper to the symposium; abstracts are due March 26!  Keep in mind the 2021 AFS Meeting is being planned as a hybrid event (in-person and virtual attendance options), but may shift to a virtual event if conditions warrant. We hope the flexibility of virtual attendance encourages you to submit a paper, although we hope even moreso to see you in person!

Shifting angler dynamics in relation to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of everyday life, including the amount of time that people have for recreation, and how they choose to spend it.  Emerging evidence suggests that an increased demand for socially distanced outdoor recreation opportunities and a reprioritization of travel has led to changes in fishing license sales, angler demographics, and angler behavior in many areas.  This symposium will feature research that leverages datasets of angler behavior such as license purchase data, creel survey data, or other human dimensions work  to shed light on the impact of the pandemic on fisheries resources and stakeholders in 2020 that can be used to better prepare for the future. It will also feature research that uses the pandemic as a natural experiment to provide rare and important insights into myriad aspects of fisheries resources and users that can be used to design and improve efforts to recruit anglers as well as to better serve their evolving needs.

Lead Organizer: Tiffany Hopper, President-Elect

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