July Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

AFS Fisheries Information and Technology Section

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

 July 14, 2021


  • President-elect election (Tiffany)
    • Only one candidate so has agreed to run so far.
    • President-elect cannot run unopposed, according to FITS bylaws.
    • Please contact Tiffany (Tiffany.Hopper@tpwd.texas.gov) if you know of anyone interested or if you would like to self-nominate.
  • Leadership transition (Paul)
    • Transition of leadership is supposed to happen on August 12th in conjunction with the governing board meeting, according to AFS constitution rules and bylaws.
    • Officially we will transition on August 12th but we will perform ceremony at the FITS annual business meeting.
  • History webpage collaboration with the History Section (Paul)
    • Going to delegate this to a volunteer, preferably someone who is in both History and FIT Sections.
    • Action Item: Paul will write and post a call for a volunteer.
  • AFS Baltimore
    • “COVID Effects” Symposium (Tiffany)
      • We still have a few weeks before abstract deadline and we are still inviting persons of interest to present.
      • No updates about symposia from AFS leadership.
    • Data Management workshop (Paul)
      • Keith is planning on traveling in person.
      • Action Item: Kayla will get with Keith on travel reimbursement.
    • Registration lottery and Student/Early Career membership drive (Paul)
      • We have a final list of participants for the registration lottery.
      • Action Item: Paul will randomize and draw the names of winners.
      • Next step is retention. What can we do to retain members and keep them engaged?
  • Partnership travel award (Rebecca)
  • By-law change (Paul)
    • We are waiting for an update from Management Committee.
  • Other business
    • Center for Fisheries Technology and Collaboration news? (Rebecca)
      • Currently reaching out to more vendors
      • Rebecca will attend next meeting and provide update.
    • Citizen Science Task Force (Paul)
      • Action Item: This action item is moving along – Paul needs to send some emails.

Next Meeting August 11thvvv

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