AFS Spokane Abstract Deadline Extended! Submit your abstract today for FITS-Sponsored Symposia

The deadline for abstracts to AFS Spokane has been extended to April 20! Now’s your chance to submit your abstract to the innovative session “A Fisheries Biologist’s Guide to Using Human Dimensions Data!” This event is sponsored by the AFS Fisheries Information and Technology Section.

This interactive event will use a combination of traditional symposium and workshop-style sessions to help attendees learn about human dimensions data applications, techniques, and opportunities. This includes topical introductions, prime examples from all over the US, breakout discussions, and subject matter expert one-on-ones.

We are looking for a number of participants to contribute in a variety of ways on several topics, including:

  • Balancing of biological data and human dimensions data for fisheries management decision-making
    • Examples to include in a topical introduction presentation
    • Lead a breakout discussion of your example
  • Quantitative human dimensions studies, with a focus on methods and study design
    • Presentations
  • Qualitative human dimensions studies, with a focus on methods and study design
    • Presentations
  • Unique, advanced, or complex analytical approaches for human dimensions data
    • 10 minute presentation
    • Subject matter expert one-on-ones
  • Lessons learned from things going wrong/less than ideal in a human dimensions study
    • Presentations

Presentation abstracts are due April 20, 2022.

As this is a unique, innovative type of symposium, we recommend contacting one of the symposium organizers prior to submission and we can help ensure an understanding of how the symposium will function and that you are best prepared to participate.

Please contact the planners with any questions whatsoever (,


Natural resource agencies often collect human dimensions data, but staff may not realize these datasets are available or how to maximize their potential. Using a combination of traditional symposium and workshop-style sessions, this unique event will demonstrate how to identify and use these data to improve fisheries management and guide decision-making. Participants will learn specific analytical techniques through hands-on exercises and demonstrations. This innovative symposium is interactive, and attendees can participate easily throughout the day. Foundational topics include comparison and contrast of human dimensions data to more familiar biological data; balancing of data sources for decision-making; human dimensions data collection methods; and basic evaluation of available data and analysis options. The goal of this innovative symposium is to put human dimensions tools into the hands of more fisheries biologists.

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