May 2022 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

AFS Fisheries Information and Technology Section

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

                    May 12, 2022

 Attendees: Kayla, Tiffany, Patrick, Chelsea, Paul

Old Business

Mail poet:

  • Impact of the list cleanup actions (Chelsea)
    • No updates
    • Manually editing and updating members
    • Current subscribers 962

Membership Dues (Kayla)

  • Membership dues 2021 not been received by AFS. Kayla has contacted Kelly Kotche -she is aware and working on it.

Changes to bank account (Kayla)

  • Kayla has spoken with M&T about transferring funds once an alternative bank has been identified.

Potential section rebranding (Tiffany)

  • Excom had a discussion over a draft Membership survey on FITS and our section name and purpose.
  • Survey aims to ask members “What does our section mean to you?”– Excom made edits to the draft survey.
  • Once the survey is sent out to membership, it will be open until June 1st
  • Action item: Tiffany to work with Kayla and Chelsea to send the survey out to the membership,

AFS Spokane

Symposium updates

  • Approved 16 speakers for the “MacGyvering” symposium
  • Tentatively scheduled for Monday – Full day of talks


  • Talk with Rebecca about updating and invoicing vendors whose “first year free” has expired.

Next meeting June 9

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