PIT Tags in Bonytail Chub Recovery

Utah is using PIT tags to track stocked Bonytail Chub to better track their survival and range. Bonytail Chub are one of four endangered native fish species in the Upper Colorado River Basin. The Center for Fisheries Technology features five vendors of PIT tags, so don’t forget to check when you’re looking for PIT technology solutions!

Tracking the recovery of one of Utah’s rarest fish

Transponder tagging bonytail at Wahweap Fish Hatchery

Zane Olsen
Hatchery Supervisor
Wahweap State Fish Hatchery

For over 25 years, we’ve been implanting passive integrated transponder tags — commonly called PIT tags — in bonytail chub, which we started raising at the Wahweap Fish Hatchery in 1996. We implant the small tracking devices prior to stocking fish at multiple locations in the Colorado River system. By tracking PIT tags, DWR biologists and aquatics managers can learn more about the survival rates, life cycle and range of the fish we release into the wild.

Read the original article from Utah Division of Wildlife Resources here: https://wildlife.utah.gov/news/wildlife-blog/1383-tracking-the-recovery-of-a-rare-utah-fish.html

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