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*Proposed changes include section name change to Data & Technology Section. 

This change is intended to more clearly align our name with Section objectives, and avoid confusion among current and potential new members who think that the “IT” stands for “Information Technology” rather than “Information and Technology”. The confusion leads many society members to believe that our section is only for IT professionals. We propose replacing “Information” with “Data” to signal that our section is relevant to the thousands of society members who work with data and/or technology. We then propose dropping “Fisheries” so that our name is shorter and consistent with other sections, none of which include “Fisheries”.

*Proposed Changes to Election Procedures and Officer Duties: President-elect

These changes are intended to simplify the election process in situations where two president-elect candidates cannot be identified.

*Proposed Changes to Election Procedures and Officer Duties: Secretary-Treasurer

These changes are intended  to reduce the burden on the current Secretary-Treasurer by splitting the duties into 2 positions rather than 1 and adjust all references to the Secretary-Treasurer position to now refer to separate secretary and treasurer positions.

*Proposed Changes to the Center for Fisheries Technology Description of and Management.

This proposal removes references to the no longer active Software Review Committee which has been replaced by the more expansive Center for Fisheries Technology.  This amendment further clarifies how decisions regarding the Center will be made and includes language for preventing conflicts of interest.

*Proposed removal of all gendered references to positions or officers throughout the bylaws.

This proposal removes all gendered pronouns throughout the bylaws document.

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