Call for a Volunteer for the Center for Fisheries Tech

The Center for Fisheries Technology Committee is looking for a volunteer to focus on partner relations. That means simply keeping track of the existing partners we have products for on the Center for Fisheries Technology ( and checking in with them annually to ensure they are happy with their product listings, see if they need or want to see anything different, and check whether they’re up to date on payment. That last part is super easy, as we are not charging anyone this year, but we do want to communicate that. 🙂

Please contact the committee at if you are interested!


The AFS Center for Fisheries Technology and Collaboration (CFTC) is a virtual stage for vendors of fisheries and aquatic science equipment, technology, and related products to showcase their offerings directly to relevant customers.

The CFTC was launched in 2020 to showcase partner offerings directly to members of the American Fisheries Society. We wish to continue growing this service to that it becomes the first choice for fisheries professionals, students, and educators to find solutions to their research and management needs. The Center is very similar to an online store, with product and category search capabilities, side-by-side product comparisons, and moderated reviews.  This interface is available throughout the year, providing a helpful service to AFS members and connecting with industry service/product providers.

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