Need fisheries equipment? Nets? Software solutions?

Check out the brand new Center for Fisheries Technology and Collaboration, a searchable online warehouse of fisheries products and services! This is designed to be a one-stop shop for fisheries professionals and students. Brought to you by the Fisheries Info and Tech Section, American Fisheries Society, and its partners, the CFTC is a free service... Read More

FITS Business Meeting Set for September 17!

The annual business meeting of the Fisheries Information and Technology Section will be held September 17th from 4-5 PM Eastern Time. Please submit your agenda items to Kayla Key as soon as possible. More information will be posted on the event page and through this newsletter as it becomes available. We hope you can tune... Read More

AFS meeting organizers seeking help with Slack

Dear FITS community, Please read on if you have experience with Slack (or would like to learn), and are interested in helping AFS out with the virtual meeting. AFS is developing the Slack workspace and channels for the meeting, and needs additional help.  The goal is to have Slack be a primary tool for participants... Read More

FITS vacancy: Communications and Outreach Coordinator

Dear FITS members, We are seeking a new Communications and Outreach Coordinator (COC) to replace Sarah Grasty. Sarah has done a wonderful job – thank you!! – and now her two-year term is up. The COC oversees section outreach and communications with Section and Society members. Activities and duties include emails to members, social media... Read More

Opportunity to rep FITS on the AFS Resource Policy Committee

Dear FITS members, Our very own Jodi Whittier will be chairing the AFS Resource Policy Committee this fall – congratulations, Jodi, and thank you for your service! If you are interested in taking over for Jodi as the FITS representative on the AFS Resource Policy Committee, then please send a short paragraph explaining your interest... Read More

Request for comments on revised bylaw changes

Dear FITS members, Thank you to all who commented on the proposed bylaw changes to reduce the length of time that a president serves from 6 to 4 years. Support was mixed, but a common concern was that serving as president for 1 year instead of 2 is insufficient time on the Governing Board to... Read More

Request for information about workflow documentation

Dear FITS members, I am emailing to learn about the software tools that you or your organization use to document your work flow as it relates to data cleaning, analysis, and reporting. Documentation may be for yourself, others on a project, or a wider audience. This request stems from my participation in the “Reproducible Science”... Read More

Membership Feedback on potential By-Law Changes

Dear FITS members, We are requesting feedback on a potential by-law change that would reduce FITS presidency terms from 6 to 4 years. Leading officers currently serve a total of 6 years (two as president-elect, two as president, and two as past president), which can be a barrier to recruitment and participation. This is a... Read More

AFS Equal Opportunities Section Travel Award

The AFS Equal Opportunities Section is leading an effort to increase participation in the Society by graduate and undergraduate students from underrepresented groups, including women and minorities. Travel awards not exceeding $500 each will be awarded on a competitive basis to assist at least one graduate student (M.S. or Ph.D.) and one undergraduate student with... Read More