Biomark PIT Tags

Biomark PIT tags are the highest performing RFID tags on the market today for fish and wildlife research. These tags are encapsulated in biocompatible glass and provide 100% unique identification. The tags are available in different sizes, performance levels, and packaging options to meet your specific application needs and budget. All Biomark PIT tags are ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 11784/11785 compliant and ICAR (International Committee of Animal Recording) approved.

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Biomark Bulk FDX-PIT Tags

  • MiniHPT8™
  • MiniHPT10™
  • HPT9™
  • APT12™
  • HPT23™

Pre-Load Sterile Tags

  • GPT12™ Pre-load Sterile LL
  • MiniHPT8™ Pre-load Sterile Syringe
  • MiniHPT10™ Pre-load Sterile Syringe
  • BioTherm13™ Pre-load Sterile Syringe


Biomark Bulk HDX PIT Tags

  • Biomark HDX12™
  • Biomark HDX23™
  • Biomark HDX32™

*Bulk tags require syringe style MK10™ or MK165™

Also Available in Pre-Load PIT Tags

  • MK25 Implanter
  • Pre-Load Needles & Trays –Only Available at Biomark
    • Available for APT12TM, HPT8TM, HPT9TM, HPT10TM, HDX12TM
      (100 pre-load needles per tray)


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