UID PIT Tag Reader – URH-1HP-ISO

Unified Information Devices (UID) provides a convenient and reliable solution for fish and wildlife identification and tracking applications. The UID PIT Tag Reader (URH-1HP-ISO) is a high-power scanning device designed to read encoded data from all ISO FDX-B PIT Tags. Its portable, wireless design is ideal for wildlife applications where mobility is necessary. This low cost, durable, and powerful reader is fully ISO-compatible for all reading applications.

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– USB or Bluetooth connectivity
– Long read range (7.5 cm with the PIT Tag 2.1mm x 12mm)
– Compatible with All ISO standard 11784 and 11785, FDX-A, FDX-B
– Requires a UBC-i2 battery charger

Contact Information

Jose Gadea
Email: info@uidevices.com
Phone: (224) 444-8484


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