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Trap Nets, like Fyke Nets are used for trapping and containing fish. These nets are made to sink to the bottom and are fished in relatively shallow water. They come in many shapes and sizes and usually have two sections: The pot and the house. The house of the trap is the entrance and is where the leads and wings are attached. Please see “Detailed Description” for more.

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The house is typically V-shaped, with the wide end of the ā€œVā€ being the entrance. This net contains internal trapping mechanisms inside the house. The pot is a rectangular box where the fish end up. It has 1 throat that the fish swim into. Zippers placed on the mesh wall of the collection area make retrieval of the fish more fluent. Custom Trap Nets are typically made with ropes and floats on top and leads or lead core rope on the bottom. These traps should be checked once every 24 hrs. Due to the trap size and water conditions, the handler will typically anchor the trap by tying the ends off to poles or use weights or anchors.

Handling: These nets are handled by two or more people. A boat will help to set or collect the trap.

Duluth Nets Specializes in custom made Trap Nets

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